Relocation of the oil facilities of EKO from Larnaca to Vasilico

English message follows Στιγμιότυπα από το τηλεοπτικό δελτίο ειδήσεων του σταθμού ALPHA με θέμα την μετεγκατάσταση των πετρελαϊκών εγκαταστάσεων της εταιρείας ΕΚΟ από τη Λάρνακα στο Βασιλικό. Στα στιγμιότυπα υπάρχουν πλάνα του Γεωτρύπανου της εταιρείας μας που ανάλαβε την Γεωτεχνική Μελέτη του χώρου εν ώρα εργασίας όπου εμφανίζεται και ο Διευθυντής της εταιρείας κος. Αντρέας Σιαθάς (Γεωλόγος). Footage from the News of TV channel ALPHA regarding the relocation of the …Read more

Geotechnical investigation for G.I.M. IKODOMIKI LTD

G.I.M. IKODOMIKI LTD, on behalf of Exxon Mobil endorsed our company the geotechnical investigation for the refurbishment of the ESSO gas station located in Mesogis Avenue, Mesogi, Paphos. The works took place during late January, 2016.

Geotechnical investigation for Cyfield Properties Ltd

Cyfield Properties Ltd entrusted our company for the geotechnical investigation of the proposed multistory building in Mouttagiaka (oposite Guaba beach bar), Limassol. The works took place from late January to early February 2016. The works included drilling of 5 boreholes >18m deep. In-situ (SPT) and laboratory (Index, Stregth, Compressibility, Chemical) test have been conducted. In addition, pile capacities have been calculated to find the proper foundation depth and pile diameter …Read more

Endorsed from EAC for high voltage pylons replacement

EAC had endorsed our company the geological/geotechnical investigation for the replacement of the high voltage pylons along the lines of Vasiliko-Mari-Kofinou and Vasiliko-Moni. For the aid of the investigation, detailed geological mapping of the project area was carried out and around 60 boreholes have been drilled with the combination of Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) where applicable. A significant number of bulk, undisturbed and core samples have been obtained. Additionally, a …Read more

Test and evaluate the quality of the construction materials

The civil engineering firms ‘Gravitech Engineering LCC’, ‘P.Papadopoulos & Assocciates’ and ‘Platonas Stylianou & Associates’ have endorsed our company to test and evaluate the quality of the construction materials used in 15 different buildings at Akrotiri, Episkopi and Troodos Garrisons. Τα μελετητικά – τεχνικά γραφεία ‘Gravitech Engineering LCC’, ‘P.Papadopoulos & Assocciates’ και ‘Platonas Stylianou & Associates’ έχουν αναθέσει στην εταιρεία μας τον έλεγχο των υλικών κατασκευής 15 κτιρίων στις Βάσεις …Read more


The Belgian technical firm SAFEGE has endorsed our company the quality control of the materials used for the construction of the sewage system at the area of Agios Loucas in Famagusta. Η Βελγική εταιρεία SAFEGE έχει αναθέσει στην εταιρεία μας τον έλεγχο των υλικών που χρησιμοποιήθηκαν στην κατασκευή του αποχετευτικού συστήματος στην κατεχόμενη περιοχή του Άγιου Λουκά στην Αμμόχωστο.

Makronisos Marina

Our company has finished the site investigation at the area of Makronisos Marina, Ayia Napa. The investigation included the offshore drilling of  52 shallow and 13 deep boreholes using various methods of coring, in-situ and laboratory testing. In addition a series of immediate, short-term and long term settlement calculations have been conducted using specialized software. The field works started in August 17th, 2015 and completed by September the 15th, 2015. …Read more

Summer Holidays

Our company will be closed for the summer holidays from the 10th to 21st of August. Between the 3rd to 7th and 24th to 28th the company will be open but with reduced staff. Be so kind and place your job orders in good time, so we can ensure on time test certificate deliveries. For urgent matters during this period send a mail to and we will respond at …Read more