Mostly related with natural resources exploitation and management of wastes (construction, hazardous), soil and groundwater pollution aiming to:

  • Assess in detail the impact of the quarry and mining activities to the environment due to changes in topography, pollution of the atmosphere, surface and underground water, destruction of flora and fauna, damages to buildings and other premises due to explosions etc, and to suggest mitigating measures by means of dust control, reforesting, technical quarry development study (how to proceed with the exploitation, where to place the dumps and how to restore the environment after completion of the quarry activity etc.), so that the impact of the quarry works to the environment to be minimized to acceptable standards. Slope stability analyses were performed for all the quarries.
  • To assist our clients in selecting a cost effective solution on the existing hazardous waste problem regarding both the current and future generation of hazardous wastes.

Execution of inventories of soil contamination sources in Cyprus, inventories and recommendations on hazardous and construction waste generation at the source, transport and management as well as local.